Whale Claps for Joy

whale fin up out of water

Whale Clapping for Joy

Last week Monday I had the wonders full opportunity watching a whale flap its fin for five minutes. That is for a full five minutes! Those of us standing on the cliff above Mitchell’s Cove (West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA), were awestruck by the continuous display of whale fin. The clicking of cameras was continuous.

At first I had my cheap cell phone out getting a quick photo to send to a friend. After seeing the commotion on the waves from the whale fin flapping I grabbed at my camera case. It took me a minute or two to get out my camcorder and begin to capture this amazing video of this whale’s action: Whale Clapping with Joy:

It was like the whale may have been exuding joy over all the food he and his buddies got to eat at this cove for eight days. 

I stopped all other engagements for three hours and took in the richness of this unusual whale display so close to shore. There were whales 30 to 100 yards feeding from the shoreline as well.

After this whale finished clapping its fin for joy, ten swimmers went out to meet these whales. Talk about weird Santa Cruzans. Getting caught up in the awesomeness of the moment led these guys to really think they would “pet the whale”?

The whales must not have liked their smell and were done feeding anyway. There was soon no more sight of whales. Very smart these whales are.

Enroute to the other side of town, I checked back at this cove the next day. After eight days of feeding at this cove, there were no more whales to be seen.

It turned out that this was the same week I had plans to join friends at a Big Sur camping trip. We hoped to spot whales, but did not. I was not disappointed. I was very satisfied having had my experience a couple days prior on West Cliff, Santa Cruz.

Last year I took a day trip through Big Sur and encountered another special whale moment. I had heard there were many whales seen in the Big Sur coastline. One girl shared she stayed over at Esalen Institute and could hear them singing through the night. Oh how I longed to hear a bit of that, even though I had no budget at the time to indulge in an overnight stay at Esalen.

So I took a day trip and traveled 40 minutes south of the town of Big Sur, I came upon several side of the road areas with many people out of their cars staring out at sea with their cameras. For sure they were whale watching. I prefer less crowded areas when I experience nature and wild creatures. I came upon a side road area with no one there, yet would there be whales to see at this isolated spot? 

I was very satisfied seeing a few whales and a couple fins. Then I ingested an experience of a lifetime. The whales were so close to the cliff I could hear their spout spraying. Then I heard a couple of them sing. The grand finale came when this huge whale right by the cliff swam by and before heading out to the ocean I heard the most clearest whale sound I ever could have believed possible. For real!

Last Friday, on my way home from my Big Sur camping trip, I met a couple who had been on a whale watching boat a couple days earlier. They were thrilled they saw forty whales on their boat trip. Yes they said they saw forty whales! The whales were seen two miles out of Moss Landing. The whales were so close they said they could see their eyes.

Four years ago, I saw blue whales so close I saw their eyes on my whale watching boat trip.  There was a whale on either side of the boat. Next time I go on such an excursion I am choosing an eco friendly cruise. I got extremely ill from the boats dirty exhaust fumes as we idled watching these enormous beauties of the sea, and could not even handle my camera to capture footage.

Last Monday there were no boat exhaust fumes to deal with. I am very grateful to have been at these amazing places in time watching these exquisitely awesome creatures of the sea.

I would love to hear your whale story experiences.

The journey continues…….


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